We are ÀIYÉ


We are Black Womens in a Multidisciplinary Development Studio in São Paulo,
focused on building amazing online experiences for modern business

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ÀIYÉ is a development studio based in São Paulo & created by three black womens from very different disciplines. They studio works for the most relevant brands and people in the world. It is for this reason that clients like Feira Preta, Diaspora Black, Ana Paula Xongani, Lisiane Lemos, Projeto Querino, História Preta,Contente, Obvious or Mesa Company trusted in ÀIYÉ work.

Focused on creating advanced online experiences , each day is a new challenge to create new amazing works. It is very exciting to see to grow up each work from scratch with the client so near.

ÀIYÉ has its own methodology. The wild methodology.

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We are always looking for new challenges and interesting parterns.
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